Celebration of Education Sunday

Can you believe that the kids are already preparing to head back to school? In fact, this Sunday we will be doing Celebration of Education Sunday! This is a week for us to stop and recognize the change that will be happening in the lives of children, youth (students of all ages really), teachers and parents. We have a lot of those folks in our church!

Let’s put this in some context though. We could easily be asking ourselves, “Why not celebration of soldiers, or small business owners, or factory workers, or any other profession?” Well why not? I don’t see a good reason why not, honestly. What should be at the heart of what we do this Sunday is a commissioning that reminds people where their mission field actually is. When Christ sends the disciples out into the world in scripture, he doesn’t say, “Go, therefore, to walled in sanctuaries and make disciples of all nations.” Rather, he sends the disciples out into the world.” WE NEED TO DO MORE SENDING… This is a good occasion to send of students, teachers and parents, but it is also a good time for all of us to reflect on where Christ is calling each of us—(And don’t say to the pew for a nap). Our calling is to the world to share Christ’s good news no matter what our profession. So as we commission students and parents and children, remember this comes as a challenge to us all. Have you been sharing the good news?


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