All Nations

Fun times on the horizon for us! Last year we began something that will be coming back by popular demand—Heritage Sunday! On October 5th, we will yet again celebrate our various heritages and the contributions of various cultures around the globe to our life of faith. We will be sharing in prayers and song from all over the world, and since it is World Communion Sunday, we will also be sharing in breads from all over the world. We also have a couple of important global Christian events coming up at Covenant in the next few weeks.

This Sunday (Sept. 28th) Emily Miller of the PC(USA) world mission office will be at Covenant to talk more about the Young Adult Volunteer program. You may remember that we have sent 3 young Adult volunteers to serve abroad in the last 5 years, and this international ministry has been very important to our church community.

Next Wednesday evening starting at 5:50 we will be having dinner with International Peacemaker Rev. James Ninrew from the South Sudan (note the announcement below for more information). Last year we were blessed to host Rev. Butros Zaour, and we had an incredibly meaningful experience—so don’t miss this chance this year!

I don’t want to leave this reflection as simply a set of reminders and announcements, but I thought it important to highlight for you how we are already beginning to live in to part of our future story that we developed from the New Beginnings Process. One of the four main focuses that came from those discussions was focusing on our calling to world mission.

Of course, all of this comes from our grounding in scripture and our calling as disciples of Christ. The Great Commission in Matthew 28 is often used to focus on evangelism, however, there is another way of looking at our calling, “to make disciples of all nations.” That is to say, the good news of Jesus Christ crosses all cultural and national boundaries. This would mean that when we celebrate the way Christ’s message has united us through our great diversity of cultures and our various heritages, we are celebrating our calling in the Great Commission. We have all been called from all of the great cultures and peoples we represent to share our common bond in the Spirit. Thanks be to God! Let’s celebrate!


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