Recycling the Brokenness of the World

First, let me start by requesting that you take a moment of silence, wherever you are, to reflect on 9/11 and what has happened to our world in the wake of those events…

On a day like today, we cannot ignore the historical weight of the events that happened 14 years ago. Though I could attempt to wax eloquently about those events, or ground them in religion and Spirituality, I have instead decided to do two things with this space this week. First, a link to an article by the Atlantic on what happened to the debris from the twin towers. It is a fascinating article, and in some very deep way, reflective of a kind of deeply sacramental theology. What I mean when I say that is the power of events and people to take something like a chunk of twisted metal, and create deep meaning that connects us with history, and with God. The kinds of things that have been created with that debris remind us, that whatever brokenness we may experience, God can use that brokenness to refashion new beginnings of great love.

Secondly, I thought I would end by pointing you in the direction of an article written by my friend David Lamotte. There is a wonderful connection here: the twisted steel of the towers remade into meaningful memorials parallels nicely with how David connects the brokenness of our world to a response to that brokenness that leads to healing. The article leaves us with a few great questions: How are you going to follow Christ in a way that will change the world?

Healing a Hurting World by David Lamotte

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