Holy Laughter

I wanted to take a moment of privilege to applaud your session and the other lay leaders of this church. It isn’t said often enough, but those people are doing a remarkable job! At session last night, I couldn’t help but reflect on how thankful I am for our leaders! They work tirelessly to make sure that our church remains faithful to God’s calling to serve.

I also want to add some encouragement to you. Last year, you made some big decisions about how we should proceed as a church in the New Beginnings program. To say that we wanted to recommit ourselves to global mission, Children and Families, our Neighborhood, and a different way of looking at evangelism is courageous. I can also see that you are putting your money where your mouth is by all of the new endeavors you have taken on. There certainly is a growing children’s ministry, a more outward focus on our neighborhood, and a global focus, and in doing those three things, evangelism is being done as well.

Let me also add one other note of encouragement. I know that the fall is always so busy for all of us—and not just in the life of the church, but in all walks of life! Not only that, but with news of violence in the Middle East, threats from Russia, school shootings, and a presidential political season, there is serious tension and anxiety in the air all around us. This has been a tough season, but hang in there! Amidst all of that, the world needs the kind of hope that is born out by people of faith responding to God’s call—even amidst the busy-ness or the fear. Our community needs you! Our world needs you! God needs you!

Remember, in the coming weeks, we have a lot going on, but these are ways that we can make a difference in our community amidst the troubling times we live in. Help make Halloween a wonderfully celebrative escape for people in our neighborhood by signing up to help with Trunk or Treat! Come celebrate with John and Cheryl! In a month come celebrate with Jan Butin! Take on providing a youth group lunch or ask to be a part of the wonderful community of leaders who are teaching our children Godly Play! Come walk in the CROP walk to fight world hunger!

There are so many ways in which you can make a difference, and so many ways in which you DO make a difference! Thank You!

So a few weeks ago, Tiff and I were functioning on zero sleep because of sick kiddos, we had too much to do at work, had numerous family in town and staying at our house, and had sort of hit the wall. After we had the kids down for bed (which we knew would be short lived), we just looked at each other and started laughing. It had all just become too much! However, that minute or two of laughter was enough to lighten our spirits and re-energize us for the road ahead. I am sure we aren’t the only ones hitting that point these days! Many of you have told me just how overwhelmed you are feeling lately. In the spirit of that moment of laughter amidst the overwhelmed, I thought this video might be helpful. Enjoy! (Thanks to Susan Roberts’ sister Lori for the inspiration!)

Random Infectious Subway Laughter


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